Saturday, May 31, 2008

Promotion orders ~ Congratulations Babe

I am so proud of my hubby for making SFC/E7. (he pins on tomorrow) He works hard and is VERY good at his job. I however have no idea how to be an E7's wife. I am not the kind to kiss up to somebody to make them feel important. I do not believe in being "politically correct". I am not the kind to host huge parties for people I don't know and going to a "ball" is not my idea of fun. I will however back our soldiers and be available to ALL military and their spouses when they need me as I do now. I do take pride in my hubby and his job. I will take my new "post" with honor and pray God shows me the way. I can not however guarantee the outcome.

Congratulations also to SSgt Vaz and family on your promotion!!
Love you guys


Sara said...

Thanks! So cool our hubbys are getting promoted "together". You and I deserve it. We should party!

Party of 5 said...

Congrats David and Stacy!

You'll make an awesome E7's wife. Why? Cause the "younger" ones won't be intimidated by you and will come to you for help. Those "fake" E7 wifes are not approachable. David is lucky to have a real woman as his life partner.

HooRah! (a throwback to my Army days...LOL)

Oh and yes congrats to Paul and Sara as well. Sara he NEVER would of done it without you - this I know is true.