Monday, June 2, 2008

when it rains it pours

The day started off early (well early for me). You see my AC decided to go out yesterday of all days. It was 90 out and Mrs Holly, Chef and the little ones had just got in to town for a week long visit. I called the Realtor and let them know and didn't hear back from then ~ that is until 8 this morning. They called twice and then the Heating cooling guy called and said they would be out as soon as possible. He came out around noon and had to clean the filter INSIDE the AC unit. Anyway he was in and out quick cause he already knew where everything was. (he fixed the furnace a few months ago) Either way when its going on hotter then H. outside this is the pretties site ever

After he left Brat~baby 1 charlie "the banana King" and I went to take a truck load of crap we were getting rid of to the land fill. Afterwards we decided we needed to wash out the bed of the truck before Chef used it for a trip. I went to the lovely local BP station where rude was the standard attitude they gave everybody. Anyway I paid for a drive through car wash and then proceeded to "drive through" it. Well the dern thing never triggered and when I pulled out I had a lovely flat tire.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or scream. New $200.00 tire that I am stuck paying for. They thought giving me back my $6.00 was more than enough (ya NO) Geico was going to take forever to get there and it was HOT out and I had the kids. So Holly came to get the girls and then came back with chef to fix the flat. While I was waiting for them to return a really nice SPC/E4 came over and helped me get started on changing it. Holly and Chef showed up shortly after that and Chef the SPC got the tire changed. He (the SPC) wouldn't take anything for helping me but a bottle of water. After they got it changed we were looking for a place to put a little more air in the spare (luckily hubby has a full size spare) and we decided to go on post to get air and gas and that's when "IT" happened and I'll let Holly tell you the rest. The day wasn't all bad. Chef did make me his famous sweet and spicy pork before he left. Thanks man love ya. And Holly and I made PW's yummy apple dumplings and ate them with fried ice cream love ya to beautiful