Friday, September 26, 2008

Took an unplug and unwind week

It has been a busy week. Brat~baby 1 has been doing really great with her Drill Team. I am hoping to have pics up soon. Brat~baby 2 is thinking about joining Boy Scouts on top of getting ready to do Special Olympics. Brat~baby 3 has joined Girl Scouts and and I'm hoping to be able to help out with her troop. I have stepped up to be the Girl Scout leader for Brat~baby 4's troop. Add all that to Church functions, daily homework, school projects, Unit briefings and functions, and the zoo we have around here and you have a little glimpse into my day to day life. I can't say I'm any more relaxed then I was a week ago but I really enjoyed spending more time with the kiddos. Now I get to play catch up with the house work (but it was worth it!!) Now I'm off to do the laundry and fight with the dental insurance company ~ a woman's work is never done :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I just dont understand

Why is it that the Military and Civilians are always on opposite sides? I mean what a country we would be if everybody stood behind America and those that make her free. I hear so many people DEMAND their rights and lifestyle but spit on the very people who have given them those rights and freedoms. When did America and her "Army" become something to tread on. When did the very thing that made this country great become something horrible and worthless? I can't believe that I actually heard someone say that it's the lawyer that gets them their rights!! I mean seriously people WAKE UP!! With out people fighting everyday for your safety and freedom a lawyer is just another suit. I just don't get it????

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I won I won I won

I entered Sweet 'n' Sassy girls contest to win a photoshopped picture, and I am so excited to have won. I have been wanting to get this done for DH for a while now. She did a great job and he really loves it.
Thank you

(believe it or not the sparkle in his eyes is in the original photo)

I should have been a Dr.

It only took a week for me to convince the Dr. that what she had was not a viral infection. She ran a 106 temp for 5 days. By Monday night she was having trouble breathing and coughed with almost every breath. Her left side and shoulder hurt when she moved and breathed. SOOOOOOO I took her right back in. We sat there for another 2and half hours before the Dr. called her back. In that time her temp kept going up. Even with the Tylenol I gave her and the Motrin they gave her when we got there. Her blood ox was good so they were going to say viral AGAIN. The poor thing was miserable. My thinking is kids with a stomach virus that bad don't eat pizza!!! This time it only took 5 min to convince the Dr. to do ex rays and sure enough I was right. The poor baby has had Pnuemonia the whole time. I was so mad, (still am) she was so sick and all of it could have been avoided with 5 min worth of picture time. Why don't they ever listen to the parents? She is actually sound asleep in this pic and crying. It was very very sad to see.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

There are HOW MANY

Okay so I am sitting here going through all the blogs I like to read (I know its late but hey I'm taking a vacation cause the G~parents are down) and I come across this beauty "How Many of Me" over at "this is the life".

Using my maiden name there were
210,502 people with the same first name as me and
820,654 people with the same last name as me and
566 people with both

Using my married name ( which I prefer (: )
82,370 people with the same last name as me and
only 57 people with both

Well you know I just had to do hubby's name too
3,613,624 people have the same first name as him and
976 people with both WOW

NOW my curiosity is peeked and I must know

so yep I checked them too and here they are

Brat~baby 1
160,165 people have the same first name and
43 people with both ~not bad~

Brat~baby 2
1,525 people have the same first name and
YEP only 1 with both.

Brat~baby 3
3,051 people have the same first name and
YEP again only 1 with both

Brat~baby 4
47,287 people have the same first name (WOW) and
only 13 people with both

Angel baby
2,149,260 people have the same first name (OH WOW that's a lot) and
580 people with both ~ popular name

Oddly enough my two ~two of a kinds~ were born in the same hospital in the same room!! What are the odds of that?

Now its your turn go on give it a try, who knows you just might be one of a kind :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bet you can't guess....

Let's see if you can figure out who the genious is!!

On the way back from Petsmart we passed a smelly skunk and this is the conversation that followed.

*E*: EWWWWWWWW whats that smell

Brat~baby 4: LET me refreshen your remembery......THATS a forest.....animals live in there.....and the animals POO in there duh!

Oh and the so called "forest" was a few trees on the side of the road next to a field. LOL I love my kiddos and their geniousness.

Fun and Family ~ thats what life is all about

Will put up more pics when I get them.