Saturday, May 17, 2008

the new photos

Here are the results of our latest trip to Sears photo. We did pics for Brat~baby 1's bday. The guy we booked the appointment with decided to not go to work today so we had dumbass and his twin. I’m kind of glad they were idealess and lazy cause then I got to set the poses. The kids had to much fun and I think the pictures turned out great. I almost didn't get any of them cause dumbass #1 deleted them when trying to put them on the disk. He some how managed to sweet talk them out of the camera. I think I would have killed him. I don’t have the disk yet cause he forgot to ring it up so I now have to wait till I pick up my pictures. I actually survived the mall and got to spend some time with Mrs. A. she is so cool. Brat~baby1 also got her ears pierced again about 10 minutes before we did pictures. That was a mess in and of itself. The lady couldn't get the darn holes lined up. But after about 20 min in the chair we finally got it done and they look good. I get to do this again in just 4 weeks for Brat~baby 2's bday. :) Well not the ear piercing part though :)