Friday, May 16, 2008

should of hid under the covers

Well I was going to do the trampoline this morning but my oldset decided to forget her lunch. (after she said go back to bed mom you only got an hour and a half sleep) I stayed up anyway cause I had to get the girls up. Anyway ~ after I got the girls on the bus I got myself ready figuring if I had to go out I might as well go to the commissary and US Cav. I get to the school and she says well I could have just bought my lunch I still have adays worth on the card. I gave it to her anyway and headed to US Cav to get the headgear hubby needed. I also needed them to sew on rank so I took them to the back and handed everything to the lady and she turns it in as a rush order (no biggie was in no hurry and I could wait for them) then tells me $2.40 then says oh wait I always for get to ring up the rank then she said $4.40. I said well what about the hats?? She said oh you havent paid for those??????????? Hello 3 boonies and rank and sewing. I could have walked out with $40.00 still in my pocket. I don't know if I'm more mad at her for being a ditz or me for being so dern honest and reminding her 3 times how to do her job. Isn't she the one who got paid for it? Well either way I finally got hubby his headgear (and prob saved the lady her dern job) then headed to the commissary where I figured no kids its early be in and out 30 min to an hour. Ya NOOOOOOO they had a case lot sale today!!! It took 15 min just to park after it took 10 just to get into the parking lot. I was lucky and didnt have to drive around. I pulled in just as a lady was loading her car it just took them 15 min to do it. First time I have ever seen the MP's (military police) directing traffic in a commissary parking lot. I was in there for about 2 1/2hours. By the time I got to the milk I wanted to curl up in the cooler and go to sleep. People were standing in the middle of the isles not moving and kids were screaming (I mean screaming). Thats to long on no sleep and no food. Now the post I dare try today? ummmm nope gonna stay home. My luck the building would end up getting locked down with me in it :)