Thursday, May 15, 2008

honestly is it to hard to grow a brain

If I have to listen to one more ill educated asshole talk about how the Military doesn’t pay rent and taxes and utilities I am going to scream. Apparently you are to busy enjoying the freedom our soldiers provide you to learn a few simple facts!!!! We DO pay rent and its usually higher than the civilians pay. We just don’t lose our house for not paying cause it comes straight out of their checks. We DO pay taxes!!! We ALL pay federal taxes and MOST pay state. If we shop at the px/bx yes things are tax free but are usually higher priced then most local stores. And groceries ~ we may not pay taxes per say on our groceries but we have this thing called a surcharge and its about 5% right now. Don’t get me wrong but isn’t the tax on food at “Wal-Mart” only1%. HELLO People. We may get nontaxable income when they are deployed but that’s it. And to tell you the truth it’s a small price for you to pay to have somebody else over there fighting for your freedom so you can sit around and bad mouth us. The Military gave you your freedom to say stupid things when ever you want ~ why not pay them back by shutting the hell up!!!!!!!!!!