Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hey all

I guess I lied about the Internet being on...........sorry all. It's just one of those extras that will have to wait. I miss you all so much. I am going to try to get on here at least once a day or every other as the meds. allow me to anyway. I find it odd that vicodin does nothing to me yet the Tylenol in it makes me loopy and clumsy. I know I know nobody ever said I was normal or right. I so enjoy having my hubby home. It's so different now. We are so much closer then we have ever been. He has slid right back into his place as a hubby and father. He is getting ready to take 30ish days of leave (thats vacation for you civies) and I can't wait. I will finally get my house unpacked and will be able to stay off my foot for a while too. Not to mention all the cuddling on the couch watching the movies he bought me :) We are planning to spend part of that back home with the family during the holidays. I hope the weather holds out for us. I am not a fan of the cold anymore. I used to never get cold now I am freezing all the time. I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and staying warm and dry.