Wednesday, August 18, 2010

can I keep it?

When we got home from life group I told the kids they had to take out the puppies before bed. Not to long after I hear MOM MOM MOM you need to come see this. When I finally get to see it, this is what I found. Now the questions are WHAT is it??? and can I keep it??? I don't know and NO!! NO you may NOT KEEP IT!!


Well I actually did as he asked and took her to the store and bought her a "worm" in every color. When she saw them all (there were about 30 of them) hanging on the chain she was kicking, squealing and drooling. It was priceless. Such a happy happy baby!! :)

I was a little late in posting this.
I actually took her the very next morning.
Yes I know she is spoiled :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It was a LONG night last night.

There are three things that Baby Girl has to have when she goes to bed at night, her pacifier, a blanket (she prefers one of the quilts made my the lovely Mrs. Jessica J) and her Caterpillar (aka wormy). When I went to put her to bed we couldn't find her Caterpillar. We looked EVERYWHERE. We tore the room apart, the front room apart, searched the couches and even the car. After about an hour of screaming with both dad (over the phone) and I trying to calm her down she was finally going to try to sleep without it. Just as she was about to fall asleep I went to cover her up with her quilt and who should fall out right in front of her?!?!? Yep WORMY!!! She was out in less than a minute with a smile on her face. :) Daddy said I HAVE to go buy 3 or 4 more of them NOW!!! Pray I can still find them.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Been way to long!!!

I can't believe its been almost a year and a half since I posted anything. I missed having this as an outlet in my life and also as a way to stay in touch with friends form here to CO to GE to Guam and beyond. A lot has happened in that years time. In march we added a beautiful baby girl to our family. She was born on the 18Th of March and is such a sweet baby. Daddy deployed again in April and I would love to say that it was back to the sand box (Iraq) but it was to AFG instead this time. I have some pics of him and where he is at and I will try to get them up soon. Our family will be moving on post in about 3 weeks time so it will be a very busy and trying time for a while. My brother and his family just bought a house near Nashville and will be moving in within a week. I will miss having them here with us but I can't complain to much about an hours drive because they used to be 5+ hours away. The kiddos started school last Friday and we are all trying to get back on a schedule. Our lives are busy as usual. Church on Sunday morning and Sunday night. School Monday morning, drill practice after school and Deeper life at church Monday night. Not sure about Tuesdays yet other than drill. School, drill and then life group Wednesday night. Probably girl scouts after school on Thursdays and drill after school on Fridays. It may be hectic but it's normal for us and we love it (most of the time) !!!!