Tuesday, June 10, 2008

my poor baby

Brat~baby 3 came to me yesterday morning saying she didn't feel good and that her throat hurt. She is rarely sick so I figured it was allergies. Her temp was low (100.2) and her throat wasn't swollen so I gave her some Motrin and Popsicles. She started feeling worse through the night ~ still no high fever right side of throat a little swollen. I called the same day appointment line this morning and they said they didn't have anything for today but call at 2 and they could get me one for tomorrow. I went off of course because I don't think the kids that are sick today should have to wait because they have their system backwards. I decided to take her to acute care in the ER since she hadn't held anything down for 24 hours and her headache was getting worse. We had planned on being there all afternoon. We got her signed in quick. Her fever went from 100 to 103 in the 20 min it took to get there. they gave her 400 mil of motrin and sent us back out to sit down and "wait". . By the time we got comfy the called us back and the first thing the doc did was a culture. It is supposed to take 10 min for results we got them in less than 3. Strep the doc said then asked her is she wanted pills or a shot. It took longer for her to decide then the test did. In the end she got the shot and we went to the pharmacy to get her Motrin. It was way down in the basement and I think we went around every corner and down every hall to get there. Some how we managed to get in and out to include the pharmacy in an hours time. She is now on the couch curled up watching National Treasure 2 and feeling so much better.


Party of 5 said...

Each time you go your time improves. Are you trainging for the Olympics?

I am glad she is feeling better.