Friday, June 20, 2008

The turtle got his rain

My poor turtle has needed fresh water for a while now. Usually I am good about making sure its clean and deep enough for him to swim. Well not this month and for many different reasons all rolled into one. First, I really hurt my foot pretty bad making it hard to walk. Second, it's hard to carry a hundred pounds when you can hardly walk. And third, I had this horrible HORRIBLE dream that after I got the tank into the bathroom and started cleaning it I put the turtle on the floor as usual to run around and that's when it happened!! Somebody stepped on him and killed my "attack" turtle. I know you are all thinking "it's just a dream"....right? Well I thought so too until I had it every night for 3 nights. I couldn't get it out of my mind. Now the foot is feeling better and the turtle at this point is unhappy and praying for rain. I decide to brave the fates and clean the tank anyway. I finally get the tank in the shower and put him on the floor to run. At this point ALL the kids keep running in and out of my bathroom. I start to feel uneasy and decided to "hide" the turtle in my linen closet (in my bathroom) but leave the door open so I can see him. An hour later I am happy to say he is back in his tank swimming around and digging up the rocks like a good attack turtle should.