Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thank you Mrs. Amy

If there was every a day when it was just to much I think this was it. I got woke up by the water company knocking on my door AGAIN decided to not let it darken my day. Got the kiddos up and got ready to head in to town to pay the water bill. (I always forget this one and only this one not sure why) Decided to grab the tire off the mower to air it up too. I had just asked hubby the day before how to get it off so I didn't have to take the whole mower in and it went as follows:

Me~ hey how do you get the tire off?
DH~ you have to remove the cotter pin and it will slide off.
Me~ ummmm what about the black cap on it?
DH~ you just pull that off.
Me~ I tried that already and it bit me.
DH~ use a crow bar if you have to
Me~ (in my head) you want me to use a crow bar on an 800.00 mower??
Me~ (not in my head LOL) um okay
DH~ oh you'll have to straighten the cotter pin to pull it out and use pliers
Me~ sounds to easy!!

So there I was in the garage on the floor on my face trying to get the cap off. It goes flying and I have grease everywhere but that's okay.

I wasn't gonna let it get to me.

I get the pliers and straighten the pin and pull it out. MORE grease. I tried to slide the tire out just a little to see how high a prop I need so the front end wouldn't hit the ground and break anything. well the tire falls all the way off and luckily the tools (sorry DH) were under the front end and caught it. I sent the kids to get me a couple of bricks from the pool shed to prop it up till I got back. I ended up having to lift the whole front end of this huge mower to get the bricks under it. It was heavy, it hurt, and of course more grease.

BUT I wasn't going to let it get to me.

I put the tire in the van picked up *P* and headed to town. I was still in a good mood at this point and bought everybody huge sodas and went home to get my day started. We get the tire on. *P* put it on while I lifted the front end. This was much easier then taking it off was. I take it for a test drive and do the side yard and every thing is working great. Then Brat~baby 1 tells me the push mower is not cutting the grass. I told her I'll deal with it later. (I really meant tomorrow)

I wasn't gonna let it get to me!!

*P* mows almost the whole back yard and stops when I have to take Brat~babies 3 and 4to get their ears looked at. Both need meds for ear infection so we head to the pharmacy and we tell the "lovely" lady the names of both kiddos and wait for her to hand me the meds. She gives me Brat~baby 4's and said thank you. UMMMMMM what about hers??? Well you didn't say you had it for another child!! *C* and I look at each other an laugh the are you kidding me laugh......I handed her my ID card and waited AGAIN and smiled..

I wasn't gonna let it get to me.

(I was determined to have a good day even though it was apparent things were stacked against me) We get home and the house work I had asked Brat~babies 1 and 2 to do hadn't even been started and they were swimming..... I hated to admit it but things were starting to get to me so I decided to just go finish mowing and forget about the bad things. I was starting to have fun and relax again and just as I smiled the mower stopped moving. Still running, blades still turning, but not moving. I turned it off and got down to see what was wrong. I was face down in the grass and covered with it and close to tears. I pulled all the dry grass away and wouldn't you know it...........the belt had come off the dang thing and now it wont move.

By this point IT GOT TO ME........

I decided to go hide in my room and not come out. I chatted with the lovely Holly for a few min. and she made me smile as usual. (I miss you!!)I figured I would just go clean up the kitchen and start some laundry and forget about the yard or how I was going to fix two mowers. Then the garbage disposal decided to start making the wrong kinds of noises.......

I GIVE this point I am to scared to touch the new washer

I was so tired and stressed it was all I could do not to cry. My sweet friend decided I needed a break and took me and my babies to AppleBee's for supper and insisted on paying for everything. And looking back now I am laughing my bum off at my day.

Thank you Mrs. Amy for everything!!


Party of 5 said...

I miss you to babe. Like I said last night I am thankful you have a friend there who knows when you need a break. Thank you Ms Amy for cheering up my girl.

Sara said...

Dude. I love you.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I say good job for not letting the earlier stuff get to you... I would have given in LONG before you did