Friday, August 22, 2008

The nerve of some people

Dear Ms. (you know who you are)

That is it!! I am so sick of you spreading and repeating half truths about my life to everybody. Did I get pregnant before we got married ?? Yes I did. Was it planned? No not really but it was discussed and we decided to NOT prevent it. So before you go telling people he got me knocked up, you might want to check the facts. All these little stories you like to tell about us sneaking around and needing to get a tow. Wrong again. I (and DH) have told you countless times the truth and you choose to ignore it and continue to spread half truths. You seem to get some kind of weird pleasure out of dragging us down and poking fun. Go ahead!! No seriously go ahead. Just be warned that the next time I have to listen to you bad mouth me to make yourself feel better I just might let go with all the times (14 + years ago) I covered for you when you really were out sneaking around. For all the times you did stay the night with......or had to speed to get home because of.........should we dig deeper or just move on to recent days??!!?? I have had a long heart to heart with my hubby and he agrees enough is enough. You would be better off working on your own family and leaving mine alone!!!! I don't want to have to get mean but we are tired of being the butt of your jokes.

I am so tired of hearing how everything is always somebody elses' fault. GROW UP!!! Nobody wants to hear it anymore. My life is no cake walk. I'll be the first to admit that. But my family is the most important thing to me. My children do not hinder my life they make it worth living. My children do not keep me from doing what I want on the weekends. They make me want to do things. It's called priorities. They are free look into them.

Thank you and have a NICE day :)


Jennifer said...


I'm here for you girl, give me a call if you need to talk, I'm here to listen.

Some people just have no idea when to shut their mouths and keep it to themselves. I got it alot when Doug and I were married since I got pregnant before we got married but we were already engaged and had set the date, we tried to prevent it but....condoms do have problems. We didn't want a baby that early in our marriage, and she wasn't the reason we split up or stayed together, but we loved her and she was the most special thing in the world to both of us.

Party of 5 said...

Some people are idjits and it makes it worse when they are so called family. You are a way better person, wife and mother.