Friday, August 15, 2008

My mission for the day

Okay you all know how much I LOVE my house. I really do. I love the house, I love the yard, I love the neighbors, well most of them anyway. Some of you are aware that BOTH my mowers are broke :( I have been using Mrs. A push mower for the front (Thank you Mrs A.) and have been able to keep it up pretty good. (When we are not on vacation be it here or there.) I have made it my mission today to FIX my rider. It needs a belt for the blades and it has 2 flat tires ~ AGAIN. I really really really want to get the back yard cleaned back up. It doesn't look to bad since I have been paying *J* to mow the front 2/3rds of it, but I want to get it all mowed and mowed my way. Me and the kiddos (to include *Charlie and *P*) can mow and weed eat the whole yard in a day when all the mowers are running. This means I will be spending the morning laying face down in the garage getting greasy and gunky again. I just hope I don't have to lift the front end of the rider again. It is VERY heavy!

I would also LOVE for the pool boy to actually come out and fix my pump!!!!! I have spent over 200 on chemicals because he hasn't showed up in over 3 weeks!!!! I keep asking they keep giving me excuses. I guess they are trying to wait out the season?? I don't know......all I know is it's starting to add up :( and you know I'll spend the money on chemicals. cause I want to use the pool. (blame the Realtors not the owners last I heard they didn't know anything about it) When I woke up this morning my pool was GREEN. That is NOT acceptable for me. My pool will be CLEAR by morning!!! Considering tomorrow is Saturday ~ morning means by noon :)

Wish me luck I just might need it!


Michelle said...

You have a beautiful family. A huge thank you to your wonderful Husband for defending our country. Good luck with the stroller!! and I hope your pool is crystal clear by morning!

Bob and Jenn Peacock said...

Hi! I found you over at MBC! I love you blog and have book marked it! Your family is beautiful!