Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another trip to the ER

My evening went something like this......

Brat~baby 4 comes home (around 4) and says:
Mommy I don't feel good. My head and my throat hurt.

Why didn't you call me? (she looks pail clammy and tired and her throat is so red and swollen)

I told the teacher and she said to wait till after lunch and tell her how I feel then. But after lunch she wouldn't let me tell her. There for she was NEVER given a chance to see the nurse or call me. (and she starts crying)

Never mind the fact that last week she didn't get to eat lunch on Tuesday because they couldn't be bothered to listen to her. (Time to strap on the combat boots and give somebody a boot to the head ~ if you ask me anyway!!)

She takes her sudafed and starts her homework and eats snack. Less than 3 hours later she looks and feel worse. Says she is dizzy and her eyes are blurry. I tell her to get her shoes we are going to the ER. Some of you may know that the ER has become our second home. We spent may a days there this summer. Brat~baby 1 stays home with the others for me and gets them to bed. Good thing too cause the parking lot was already filling up the over flow lot. When we got inside it was a full house. Like a nightmare come true. We got signed in and settled in to wait. Triage went quickly (she has gained 4 pounds and they did a rapid 5 minute strep swab). And we were sent back out to wait in the lovely over crowded waiting room.

Brat~baby 4 curled up and watched cartoons and I start working on Brat~baby 2's homework schedule which didn't take long. So now what hum watch the news okay. Then I start to look around big mistake BIG BIG mistake.

  1. Why lady are you yelling at your 4 month(ish) old baby to not hit you?? I KID YOU NOT

  2. Why laundry lady did you bathe in fabric softener sheets??

  3. Why white pants guy? Just why?

  4. Why is white pants guy wearing tight white pants and no unders? Come on now ewww.

  5. Why lady checking out white pants guy like we can't see you?

  6. Why so long in the ER?...........HELLO ARE THERE ANY DOCTORS ON DUTY

  7. Why weirdo lady are you chomping your gum in my ear like a cow?

  8. Why lady behind her to busy with her phone to be bothered with her baby who is trying to talk to her as she keeps screaming stop it to him?

  9. Why couple in front of me are you making out? Did you mistake the ER for you hotel room? Seriously people!!

  10. Why? The dude sitting next to they lady staring at white pants guy ummmm he's not a dude!! WHOA brain ache

  11. Why did not a dude dude have to get out a Mountain Dew and be all look at me as she takes a drink knowing the rest of us are dying of thirst?

  12. Why did that lady come out of Triage looking like she just put her shirt back on?

Been here so long Brain is turning to mush and all I can think about is Brat~baby4 a coke and what are my other brats doing right now at home?


Holly~ Where is my chopper?? I need back up here. This place is frying my brain!!!

FINALLY....2 and a half hours hear them shout SHERMAN and of course by now Brat~baby4 is sound asleep.

I get her up and get her back to the Dr's room and am surprised to find a new Dr. This one is young and sweet. (unlike the old bitty who likes to jab you with needles) Brat~baby 4 goes in and crawls up on the bed and lays down. The doc. told her to hold on cause your going for a ride and then raised her bed about another 3 feet in the air. Then asks her who she has hiding in her ear. After she looks she says why is Cinderella in your ear? Did you tell her she can hide there? Well who do you have in your other ear? Gus Gus! What is he doing in there. Well he's eating a piece of cheese that's what he's doing! The baby is so sick she barely smiles. The doc moves on to her nose.......What do you have hiding in there? Whoa crickets wow AND grasshoppers. Still barely a smile. Well lets feel you tummy she says. Wow that's a big cheeseburger! Oh I see you had fries too. Whats that? Ice cream and cookies? Who said you could have ~ oh ~ wait VANILLA ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!! Now how did you get all of that in there.

Finally a huge smile.

The doc turns to me and says I am going to treat her for strep whether the test came back positive or not because she has all the sign. Then gets up and runs off find the test strip? Leaving us waiting for her meds and a doctors note. By the time she gets back Brat~baby4 is asleep again.

My baby really was sick and feels like poo. Now I get to deal with the teacher tomorrow and only one of us will be smiling and you know it's going to be me! (boot to the head)

Good times ~ Good times


Party of 5 said...

Shoot sorry babe the chopper hit turbalence over St Louis and went down. DAMNIT I knew better then to have those yahoo's fly it.

No one can seem to do ANYTHING right around here. I guess next time I'll have to do it myself.

Sara said...

I say we kick the teacher in the arse!