Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not much going on

I haven't blogged in a while mostly because we were out of town. We went to IL for about 5 days for the 4th of July and then headed back here. I have pics but sadly they are still in IL. We got in early enough on the 2nd for the kiddos to go swimming with Auntie J and Uncle M and the boys. We spent the 3rd with my mom. We went swimming and then shopping and then went to see the fire works at my sisters. That was a blog in and of itself. We got there early and it started raining then it let up then it started poring. We stayed around till just after 9 and every body said they weren't going to do them cause of the rain. We all start to head home and just as we are about to hit the highway they start letting them off so we stopped and watched them in my moms dry van. We spent the 4th with the in laws. We went and had our pics done (see below)and then took the kids shopping through the mall it was both fun and a nightmare (kids will be kids). We went to Auntie A for breakfast the next morning and then out to moms. We went swimming with Auntie J and Uncle M and the boys again. We then headed off to Auntie M for a backyard BBQ and fireworks and stayed late. Then it was get up early and pack up the truck. We brought *L* back with us for a vacation for him. They have been sleeping in and staying up late. Spending most of their time in the slip~n~slide and playing cars out back. We have been swimming most nights till about 9:30ish. I've tried to get some pics but every time I go to take pics of them on the slip~n~slide this is what I get.....