Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sundays go by to fast

It's been a pretty good day. We all got up and went to church this morning. Then did a bit of running (had to get a cat carrier for the car and another collar and toys of course)and taking care of pets. (would have loved a nap but the kids weren't having that) Instead of dinner and a movie at church tonight it was dinner and "make a movie night" We all started clearing out the chairs and started building the stage. The kids had a ball. Brat~baby 1 got to use some pretty neat power tools. I think the nail gun was her favorite. Brat~baby 2 helped put part of the stage together too but I missed most of it. Brat~babies 3 and 4 helped the ladies who .were sewing the curtains. They all are very proud of their work too. Hopefully next week I'll have some pictures for you. Now it's late and I should be in bed so I'll put up a few new pics of Jeff and Pumpkin and jump off of here.

I will be out of town for about a week. When I get home I'll try to get up the pics of last vacation and this vacation and the church events up fairly quickly.