Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Teenagers and contractors

I think when they hit the teen years they revert back to toddler hood!! Brat~baby 1 looks at you like she doesn’t understand English, Brat~baby 2 tried to blow up my microwave AGAIN today by putting 5 pieces of pizza on foil and heating them up ~ AFTER mind you he snuck pudding for breakfast and hid his homework folder from me cause he didn’t want me to see the note inside. I think Brat~baby 3 changed her clothes 3 times before the bus got here and Brat~baby 4 moved like she was in quicksand. And to think all of this before 7:30 this morning. :) Thought I would try to sneak in a little nap once they left but that didn’t work. No sooner did I fall asleep, I woke up to someone beating on my door like they were going to break it down if I didn’t answer and ringing the doorbell at the same time. By the time I got up and got to the door he was on the roof putting on the new (and much needed) shingles. Something they were supposed to do for the last 3 weeks but they decide to wait until I am grouchy and exhausted. Needless to say I am taking the day off ~ and maybe tomorrow too ~ :).


Party of 5 said...

I don't blame you. Tell Brats I'm coming.

Sara said...

You have that "extra" room. I think the Brats need a time out!!!