Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bowling with the FRG

As usual I forgot till 20 min before we are supposed to be there. In that time frame one our lovely dogs decided to run off. Being the lovely person I am ~ I gave Wilbur until I was ready to leave to make it back home and of course he didn't. So we locked up and headed to the bowling alley and made it only 20 min late to find out the first hour was for eating and I didn't have to rush :) Brat~baby 1 was with her friend and was supposed to be home 20 min after we left so I had her go put him in the kennel cause I figured he would have returned by then (he did and was sad to be locked out~guess he'll come in next time he is called) The other 3 Brat~babies spent the next hour and a half having a ball eating all the free pizza they wanted and bowling a really close game. I guess I am going to have to make the bowling alley a regular for this summer. It is so much nicer than any we have ever been in. You get to put in if the person is right or left handed and if they want bumpers or not and they go up for the people who need them and back down for those who don't and its cheap!!! I love cheap:) I guess it was worth the rush. We had a lot of fun. Who knows maybe next time I will remember a little earlier in the day!?! OH and they sent home one and a half large pizzas for free too.
I have more cute pics of the kids. If you want to see them just let me know.


Party of 5 said...

LOOKS FUN! We did that for LittleMan's 9th Birthday and it was fun. We also said we'd have to do it more often. LOL They also had this awesome push off stand for the littlest one. So cute.

Sara said...

I wanna go bowling. But I suck at it!