Monday, January 26, 2009

You call THAT normal??.....yes yes I do :)

Our house is finally back to normal. Well as normal as you can get for us anyway! Hubby is back to the getting up at the buttcrack of dawn for pt schedule. I'm not to fond of my alarm going off at 4:40 in the morning but him getting off around 3 pmish is really great. I thought my running around like a mad woman would be cut back some with him coming home but I was wrong. I think if anything (at least for now) it has increased. We still have early morning clubs on Monday's and drill team practice on Monday's and Thursday's and Girl Scouts on Tuesday's and Wednesday's along with Life group (Bible study) on Wednesday night and church twice on Sunday's. We are to say the least very busy!! Add all that to the cooking, cleaning and homework and we have very little time to be bored and lazy. We still do the Friday night dinner and tv night. I think it's our only night off. I still haven't unpacked everything but I guess we have time to get that later (right). Well it's late and I have to get up around 5am. Night All!!


Sara said...

You make me tired!

Party of 5 said...


Busy Little Bee's.